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Let Us Introduce Ourselves.

Here at Aspen Ridge Kennels, we like to say that we are a kennel where HUNTING is our FIRST Priority. Above everything else, we are avid hunters and outdoorsmen, spending the vast majority of our free time upland bird hunting. Having had other dog breeds in the past, and after mountains of research, decided to dip our toes into the world of rare dog breeds, and settled on the Braque Du Bourbonnais. And through trial and error, and despite the ups and downs, we fell in love with the breed. We found that it's temperment, and ability to perform in the field to be a match for what we were looking for in our hunting companions. 


We are not a breeder who will tell you that we are "The Best" or "The Only", we won't try to tell you that these are "The Perfect Dog". We decided to enter the breeding world because we wanted to contribute to the longevity of a rare breed, that needs to be preserved.


Over the past few years, we have slowly and methodically produced litters with the help of organizations and breeders from around the world, in an effort to preserve and enhance the traits of this breed. We have adopted high standards of elvautaion on each our dog, and adhere to what we believe are a very strict set of ethical breeding practices, and it is our hope that in adopting these that we will make a significant contribution to the breed.

Cindy Petkwitz

-Founder of Michigan Chapter of VHDF

-Secretary of Braque Du Bourbonnais Club  of America.

-Secretary of National VHDF

-Secretary of Highland Field Trial Assoc. of MI

-Former Sec. of SE MI Chapter of NAVHDA

Mike Petkwitz

-Outdoorsmen and bow hunter since    childhood.

-Avid upland bird hunter.

-Main trainer and evaluator for A.R.K


Intrested in Aspen Ridge
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