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Our Philosophy & Breeding Program 

Our breeding program is as simple as this, "we breed to hunt". For us, our work is all about producing high quality hunting dogs, and placing them into good homes where they will have the oppurtunity to hunt on wild birds. We belong to several versatile hunting dog assosications and national clubs, training for all of them, our main passion is hunting, and we aim to preserve the natural hunting instincts of the breed. Through our hunting, training, and the high standards and practices we set,  we identify the dogs with the traits that will make good candidates for our breeding program. 

Hunting Goes A Long Way

We believe that the only true test of a dog's skill and ability is HUNTING, they must show the desire to search out and find birds in all environments, to find the birds not easily found. While evaluating our dogs for our breeding program, they go through 2 FULL exposures on on true, wild upland birds (Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, etc). Because of this, it is NEVER our intention to breed a dog younger than 2 years old, and NEVER more than once a year.

Training For The Tests


While we pay most attention to evaluating our dog's real world hunting ability, we don't ingnore the benifits of training our dogs for evaluation testing and competition. Our Dogs are trained in the aspects of the major Versatile Dog testing organizations, and while we expect our dogs to master searches and retrieves from water, the majority of our attention is spent developing the dog's field work. It is for this reason, it's flexible time frame and it's focus on more "natural" as opposed to "trained abilites",  we have chosen the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) as our primary evaluation venue.

Working Together To Better The Breed

We Have been fortunate enough that in our time with this breed to have interacted with many amazing owners and breeders across the nation and internationally. In our interactions we have learned that quality needs to be preserved and maintained through setting High Standards and Practices in Breeding. That is why we are active members in, and an "Approved Kennel" of The Braque Du Bourbonnais Club of America. We are also members and work hand-in-hand with the newly formed international, Association for Promotion of the Braque Du Bourbonnais.






Breeding To Better The Breed






Above everything else, we are people who care about the quality of the breed. And we will never compromise our goals or lessen our standards to simply ensure more puppies "on the ground". To best promote the breed and ensure the best breeding we promise the following:


  • Our dogs go through a rigorous 2 year evaluation process (starting a 8 weeks old) through their 2nd full exposure to wild birds. In particular paying close attention to the following

- Desire to search, hunt, and find wild birds.

- Desire to point and retrieve (land and water)

- Tempermant, we expect a well ballanced temperment with a desire to please

- Co-Operation

- Comformation & a Fluent Gait


  • We NEVER breed a female (Dam) more than ONCE a year


  • The dogs we breed are healthy and free of genetic defects, and PennHip tested and Certified


  • All of our Dogs are registered the FCI (Federal Cynologique International) and adhear to the set standards by Club Braque du Bourbonnais


Because of our standards and methodical approach, we make a consious and dedicated effort to place the best puppies in the best homes. We not only spend time evaluating the puppies, but spend the time nessecary getting to know you. What your expectations, your needs and desires are in a dog, so we can hopefully get the best suited puppy for you.




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